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Tensile Test and Micrograph Analysis

The state-of-the-art testing and measurement devices in our laboratory enable us to provide you with scientific proof of our high-quality orbital friction welding joints.

Tensile Test

The tensile test is one of the best ways to prove the stability of the welding result. For this purpose, we have a universal tensile testing machine with a tensile force of 400 kN. The result of the tensile test, namely the stress-strain diagram, provides important information on the quality of the welding joint. The weld seam can be characterised in combination with the visual appearance of the crack.

Micrograph Analysis

In addition to the mechanical test, our company also has a small laboratory for micrograph analysis. The most common characteristics of the weld seam are visible to the naked eye, and many mistakes can already be recognised in this macrosection. Still, the reflected-light microscope provides even more information, such as the composition of the structure or the grain size.
To obtain this information, individual samples are taken from the weld seam, ground with a wet grinder and then polished. The goal is to achieve a perfectly smooth surface to make sure the individual parts of the structure can be easily attacked by the different acids during the next step, which is etching.
These measures are usually enough to draw conclusions on the quality of the seam. For cases that require a more detailed inspection of the structure we have partners that allow us to carry out a scanning electron microscope analysis on short notice.
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