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Apparatus and Pipeline Engineering

Standard-sized supply lines are nowadays mainly connected with bushings. The plastics used, such as PEEK, PA, PE (X) and PE 100, are perfectly suited for orbital welding.

These materials are traditionally connected by mirror welding, which is fairly time- and energy-consuming. It has, however, been shown already that orbital or multi-orbital friction welding has considerable benefits. A research project showed that not only is the welding time much shorter, but the energy needed for orbital friction welding is considerably lower, as well.
It also turned out that orbital friction welding is very well suited for joining crosslinked plastics such as PE-X, which has so far been considered unweldable.
For pipeline construction this means that orbital friction welding can utilise the full potential of this new material. At the same time, the process can also be profitably used for traditional materials.

The Posibilities - Material combinations.
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  • Blech
  • Gelenk
  • Kuehlung
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