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Orbital friction welding allows combinations with a low component weight and almost any geometry that also have high stability and a good thermal and electrical conductivity.

An orbital friction weld makes it possible to combine very different materials, allowing optimal utilisation of their individual properties. The combination of elements on an atomic level creates a strong bond, which translates into, for instance, perfect thermal or electrical conductivity. The strength values are often on the level of the weaker material. There are no additional limitations regarding the working temperature of the finished parts as no auxiliary materials, such as welding fluxes or solders, are used. This lowers the cost of tools and increases service life while at the same time reducing the error rate.

Restructured joining with fine corn in seam area..
The Posibilities - Material combinations.
  • Blade
  • Blech
  • Gelenk
  • Kuehlung
  • Lasche
  • Profil2
  • Profil3
  • Profil4
  • Profil5
  • Profil6
  • Rad
  • Stutzen
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