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Tests have shown that similar orbital friction welds on titanium often have a higher strength in the joint zone than in the original material. This makes welding repairs conceivable even for highly stressed parts.

The recrystallization that occurs during the upsetting stage of the welding process is responsible for this effect. It forms a structure with a very fine grain, and therefore very high strength in the weld zone. The utilisation of new high-tech material combinations makes it possible to fulfil the ever increasing demands on temperature resistance and strength combined with a low component weight. The quality requirements of the aerospace industry are fulfilled and quality can be verified and documented thanks to the extremely high repeatability of the welding process as well as the total control of all relevant welding parameters.
Friction welding is a well-known process in the field of flying gas turbines in particular. In addition to the customary round cross-sections, randomly formed cross-sections can also be friction welded now thanks to orbital friction welding.
The excellent welding joint properties are one reason for the special attractiveness of this process. The orbital friction welding process results in minimal thermal effects. On the one hand, less energy is required, as energy is evenly distributed over the entire welding area; on the other hand, residual welding stress is reduced thanks to the homogeneous distribution.
In addition, the high degree of remodelling results in a finely recrystallized joint. The result is that that an orbital friction welded joint is clearly stronger than the basis material.


The Posibilities - Material combinations.
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