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Vehicle Construction


In automotive engineering, material combinations such as aluminium and steel offer new possibilities for lightweight design.. High-strength steels are increasingly used for structural elements of the drive train or car body, which often have to be joined directly with the aluminium.

In addition to the cost benefits resulting from the lightweight construction of structural elements the high degree of automation in orbital friction welding is another great advantage. A large number of multi-material components can thus be manufactured with short cycle times. The continuous monitoring of all relevant process parameters guarantees a consistently high level of quality.
When combining aluminium and brass orbital friction welding allows the exploitation of both benefits - high productivity and material usage tailored to a specific need. Aluminium is gaining more and more in importance in the electrification of cars. In fact, the proportion by weight of aluminium used for electrical wiring in hybrid drive concepts continues to increase. Cost reduction effects (price of aluminium approx. 1:3 to copper) and the weight advantage, which leads to reduced fuel consumption and better vehicle dynamics, are the main reasons for this trend.
However, aluminium also exhibits poor bonding characteristics due to its dense and stable oxide layer, which is why copper-based alloys are used in areas that are exposed to the weather. Combinations of materials as different as brass and aluminium are typically difficult or impossible to fusion weld, but are often easy to friction weld. The percentage of expensive material used can therefore be kept to a minimum by orbital friction welding, which helps to save costs and usually also weight.

Combination of low carbon-containing steel with Al6060, no noticeable structural changes in steel.


Metallurgical tests show a homogeneous energy impact in the joining zone..
The diffusion zone is thinner than 2 µm and does therefore not cause the mixed compound to brittle.
The Posibilities - Material combinations.
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