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Mechanical Engineering

Orbital friction welding fulfils previously impossible requirements. Combinations such as aluminium and steel are well feasible now. The areas of use of this process are versatile and range from thermal isolators used in foundry tools to multi-material semi-finished products used as raw parts for machining – to mention only two possibilities of orbital friction welding.


In terms of design, new tailored solutions with less material consumption are possible. Ready-made orbital welded multi-material wrought products allow us to go into new design directions by exploiting the special features of each material. Mechanical fasteners such as screws or rivets can thus be reduced. At the same time, the laminar joint allows optimal material use, which also helps to save raw materials and weight.
In addition, the technical properties are also convincing - low distortion, for example, reduces post-processing.

Similar steels, fine re-cristallized joining zone
The Posibilities - Material combinations.
  • Blade
  • Blech
  • Gelenk
  • Kuehlung
  • Lasche
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