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Research and Development

In addition to the internal development of processes and equipment the dyconn research and development department also develops projects for customers.

In addition to developing completely new processes, from feasibility study to process qualification, we also work on state-funded projects, such as “ModulTurb”. The latter was carried out in cooperation with Rolls Royce Germany.
These activities are the main focus of the development department in Eschenfelden in addition to our own development projects. A “Laboratory” is available for metallography and tensile tests.
The Posibilities - Material combinations.
  • Blade
  • Blech
  • Gelenk
  • Kuehlung
  • Lasche
  • Profil2
  • Profil3
  • Profil4
  • Profil5
  • Profil6
  • Rad
  • Stutzen
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